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Hi, I'm Sarah Sutton

I am a Medical Illustrator & Animator residing in central North Carolina. I earned my Master of Science in Medical Illustration in 2022 from Augusta University, one of the 4 accredited programs in the US.


I grew up in coastal North Carolina, where my passion for art and science led me to study biology with a minor in studio art at UNC Wilmington.

It wasn’t until after completing my undergraduate degree, when I went on to work in a molecular biology lab at UNC Chapel Hill, that I discovered the field of medical illustration. I recognized a need for a skilled illustrator to help convey the complex findings that were being developed in the lab. With my background in art and science, I couldn’t imagine a better fit for my career.

While pursuing my degree, I worked on fine-tuning my skills as an illustrator and animator, deepening my knowledge and understanding of the human body, and improving my visual communication abilities.

Currently, I am working primarily in the medical-legal field, creating visual exhibits to assist the jury in understanding medical malpractice cases. I continue to take on freelance jobs outside of the legal realm, and enjoy experimenting with different styles and techniques.

I look forward to a long career creating compelling and sophisticated visual aids to help better communicate concepts in the medical field.

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

(919) 809-5159

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